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1972 Cadillac Eldorado Pickup

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May 12th,2007 08:16 pm Expires On
May 26th,2007 08:16 pm
Item Number:
Location: Neptune-New-USA
Status: Expired
Price: $12,000.00
Year: 1972
Seller: mrbassdan
Contact Name: Danny Siciliano
Email: accounts@uncledanny.net
Phone: 7324816209
Model Eldorado Pickup

A Real Cowboy Cadillac right down to the 5'6" Steer Horns. 1972 Eldorado El Camino style Pickup. 36,000 original miles. Two tone Brown and Gold. Paint is less than one year old. Body was stripped to bare metal prior to paint. The pinstripes are painted on and cleared over. Has all the options you would expect from an Eldorado including Tilt and Telescopic Steering Wheel, 8 way power seat, automatic load adjusting Air Ride (built in compressor and sensor) and Factory AM/FM Stereo 8 Track with Factory CB Radio. The tires are super wide whitewalls with less than 100 miles on them. Front Wheel Drive. 8.2 litre engine. That's 500 cubic inches with a rated 400 HP. The vehicle is in overall excellent condition. The engine compartment could use detailing. There are no fluid leaks. The car starts and runs very strong and is very fast. The Steer Horns are removable and the original hood ornament goes right back on for the "original" look (I like the horns better) The bed is covered with a snap down all weather carpet. The interior is Saddle leather with Chocolate appointments. The carpet on the floor is replaced with chocolate. The carpet on the door panels is saddle.


I do not know the history or origin of the car. I do know it was NEVER a funeral or flower car. It's an Eldorado! I was told that it could be a Mirage but I have no documentation and I believe the Mirage was a Deville. I purchased the car from an estate sale in Wisconsin 3 years ago. I tried contacting the family of the former owner but they did not respond. Since I purchased the car I have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars bringing it to what it is today. A near perfect example of something. I have numerous trophies and plaques from the various car shows I have entered it in. This particular car is also featured on the Cadillac Database web site under "Dream Cars" http://www.car-nection.com/yann/Dbas_txt/Drm70-74.htm



What's not quite perfect? The vinyl top is a little faded and there is a small puncture in the vinyl on the tailgate. The exhaust manifold gasket on the driver's side leaks a little when the car is cold. The sound disappears once the car warms up. The exhaust system itself is kind of loud. Dual glass packs. It sounds good but is not really befitting a Cadillac. The Radio is intermittent. I left it in for the nostalgia and Car Shows but I carry a portable Satellite Boom Box. The windshield wiper switch only works on high. May need cleaning. That's it.



The car is registered and insured in New Jersey. I can and will drive the car up to 100 miles to assist in delivery and/or shipping after receipt of payment in full

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